Sunday, September 7, 2014
I feel like I've just given birth!  I have worked on this kit so much - it was a lot of "labor"!  Anyway, I am so excited to show you my new kit:  Sight Word Superheroes!!!

This kit has over 30 pages to help you encourage, motivate, celebrate, and reward your students for increasing sight word recognition.

This kit has:

**5 page story/introduction to motivate students to become “Sight Word Superheroes”! This can be printed or projected right from your computer (no printing needed).

**Membership Cards (wallet-sized). Students will become “Official Sight Words Superhero Members”. Two membership card styles to choose from, both are in your choice of color or black and white.

**“I Can” statement printables for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade.

**Bulletin Board or Wall Display printables: “We are Sight Word Superheroes” sign, superhero boys and girls with space to write student names, starbursts to write the number of sight words they have mastered. Display ideas included.

**Award Certificates (8.5 x 5.5). Boy and girl awards available. Award Certificates are printed with the following choices: 50, 100, 150, 200, 220 (or blank) # of words.

**Superhero Mask and Superhero Tiara printables. Print and cut to make a Superhero mask and Tiara to use for photo props. Take a photo with students wearing their choice of mask or tiara and display the photos with the bulletin board/Wall Display printables. So Cute!!! I just make one mask and one tiara use the same one all year for photos. The mask and tiara are also available in a black line copy so students can color their own mask or tiara. You could give students the “color your own” mask or tiara for rewards when goals are met or at the beginning when introducing the Sight Words Superhero “membership”.

**Rewards for reaching goals: Lollipop “capes”! Cut out the capes and punch hole to slide on a lollipop stick (photos and directions included – easy to assemble!). When students reach their goals, reward them with a “superpop”!

AND.....If you are evaluated with the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, this kit will meet elements in:
Design Question #1: What will I do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success?
Tracking Student Progress: The bulletin board/wall display shows student progress
Celebrating Success: Award Certificates, Photos, Bulletin Board display, Rewards….everything in this kit pretty much meets this element!

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