Holiday Shopping and a FREEBIE!

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It's that time of year!  Let the shopping begin!!!  I have just recently learned about Ebates.  I had heard of it, but had no idea that is was just free money and how easy it is to get it!  You can use it for all of your online shopping.  I started using it this week and already have over $20 that I have gotten for free just by going to the Ebates site first and then going to the store I wanted to purchase from after that.  For example, I bought some linens from JC Penny so I went to, then from their sight I clicked on JC Penny (all of the stores are there), and then it went straight to the JC Penny site.  I earned back 6% of what I spent.  AND, you can still use all of the coupon codes, rewards, etc... that you would use at that store anyway.  So I used a coupon code from JC Penny, got my JC Penny rewards (from JC Penny), AND got 6% back from Ebates.  I also ordered some things from Ulta, used a coupon code from Ulta, got a free gift from Ulta AND got 8% back from Ebates!  SO EASY!

Click here to find out more: Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Another really great thing going on is the big Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale going on at Teachers Pay Teachers!!!!  I will have all of my items 20% off for these two days and if you enter the promo code:  CYBER, you will get an additional 8% off from Teachers Pay Teachers!!!  That's 28% off!!!!

And for a little freebie to get in the Christmas Spirit :), click below to download my Christmas Read, Write, Trace and Draw activity.  I have this in my TPT store for $1.00 for a set of two, but here's one for free :)

Read It, Build It, Write It for SPELLING Words - Template Freebie

Sunday, November 10, 2013 4 comments
I'm adding a free template that goes with my previous post - the Read It, Build It, Write It Center.   I've been using this same center for our weekly SPELLING words, in addition to using it for sight words. With this template you can type in your own spelling words to make cards for this center.   If you have this center from Teachers Pay Teachers,  

 just click on the template below to download from Google Docs.

Once you have DOWNLOADED this (make sure you hit the arrow to download or go to File -> Download to actually download it), click to open the download at the bottom left corner of your screen and it will will open in Word.  You may need to click on "Enable Editing" at the top of the page to enter your own spelling words.  

If you don't have my Read It, Build It, Write It Center, go HERE to find it at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Now you can use it for both:  Sight Words and Spelling Words.

Read It, Build It, Write It - A Dolch Sight Words Center

Sunday, September 22, 2013 5 comments
I've just added a NEW kit called Read It, Type It, Write It!  Check it out below!

I've just added a new product to Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is a Read It, Build It, Write It center to practice sight words.  It includes the work mat below plus 21 pages of sight word cards (all of the 220 Dolch Words), divided into color lists that coordinate with my sight words PowerPoint and assessment list.  I have also included my Roll and Read sheets in the download as a bonus.  

 Print as many work mats as you need.

21 Pages of sight word cards - you can print them all or only the ones you need.

My Roll and Read game is also included as a bonus :)

Hope you get to check it out!  It's only $2.00!!!

***I've just added Read It, Type It, Write It to my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  This is the perfect accompaniment to Read It, Build It, Write It!!!!

Don't Forget!!!!

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Sunday and Monday only!  Click on the picture below to go to my store:)

Teachers Pay Teachers BIG SALE Sunday and Monday!!!!

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Stop by my store on Teachers Pay Teachers on August 18th or 19th where everything will be 20% off plus the TPT extra 10% off when you use the code: BTS13

Back to School Gifts for Teacher Friends

Monday, August 12, 2013 4 comments
Today was our first day back (for teachers - students come back next Monday).  I made a little "Back To School" gift for the teachers on my team. Found these cute bags with matching notepads/pens and daily reminders/things to do pad at Michaels.  I used my Silhouette to spruce the bags up a bit with a monogram.  Wish I could give them all much more - they mean the world to me!

I also put up my Scientific Method Posters.  I made a ribbon banner (?) - ribbon sign (?)....not sure what to call it!  Here's a photo:

I have this kit up on TPT for only ONE DOLLAR and it includes the smaller posters - 1/2 sheet (like I used to make this) and the full size - whole sheet posters.  It also includes activities!  

My class is coming together!  I'll post some photos soon :)

The Scientific Method - Printable Posters and Activities :) Get a copy for free!

Saturday, August 10, 2013 8 comments
Just finished uploading a new kit on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is all about The Scientific Method!  I love Science and am so excited that I will get to teach it to THREE different classes this year :)  I am teaming with two other first grade teachers so we will all teach our own reading block and then the classes will rotate after lunch between Science/Social Studies and Writing and Math.  

Here are a few images, but you can see the complete kit in a free preview.  Just go here and click on "Download Preview" at the top of the page under the "Add to Cart" button.

This kit contains:  

*6 Full-Size Scientific Method Posters (8.5 x 11) plus a Title Header

 *6 Half-Size Scientific Method Posters (8.5 x 5.5) plus a Title Header
I made these in two sizes so they can fit in large or small spaces in your classroom!

*2 Full-Size Scientific Method Map Sheets for students to write about each step in the Scientific Method when conducting an experiment (one with clip-art and one without).

*2 Half-Size Scientific Method Map Sheets (one with clip-art and one without) - this half-size is perfect for gluing to the inside cover of a Science Notebook!

*A printable student book. Students will color pictures and label each step of The Scientific Method on the corresponding page. On the last page they will draw a line to match the step number with the step name.

Please go check it out and let me know what you think!  Leave me a comment and I will pick three random people to get a copy of this kit for FREE :)

The BEST Pencil Sharpener!!!

I got my new pencil sharpener today from Classroom Friendly Supplies and I'm in LOVE :)  It REALLY does work as good as I'd heard!  Smooth and QUIET.  I've been sharpening a lot of pencils today :)

 You have got to check it out and let me tell you, they ship really fast too!

If you want to see a video of how this works, check this out.  My classroom sharpener is terrible so this will be soooo useful and I can tell by the weight and the fact that it is made of metal that it will last for a long time!!!  $24.99 - That's a steal!

Magic Playdoh - First Day Fun {Free Printables}

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 6 comments
Well, this year I got lazy.  I usually make the playdough for Magic Playdough from scratch but I decided to buy it this year because I saw this on Amazon for $10 (with free two day shipping for Prime Members).  I figured by the time I drove to the grocery store and bought what I needed to make it, it would cost about that much anyway.

Click here to see it on Amazon:

If you do Magic Playdough I have some free printables below.  If you don't, YOU SHOULD!!!  It's such a fun first day activity and my students LOVE it!!!  I even have a horror story about the year that I forgot to put the food coloring in some of the playdough balls.....but I won't get into that :)

If you've never done Magic Playdough before, here's how it works:  Roll up some playdough balls and poke a hole in the middle with your finger. In the hole put about 2-3 drops of food coloring and then take a piece of white playdough and cover up the hole.  Don't squeeze because you don't want the food color to show through the playdough.  I then put each ball into a separate quart-size baggie and put the "Magic Playdough" poem label (see below) on the front of the baggie.  Actually I put the labels on the front of the baggies before putting the playdough in, much easier that way.

In class I put the large poem (below) under the document camera and I read it, we all read it and talk about it.  Then I give every student a baggie and tell them not to touch it until I say so.  When they all get their baggies I tell them to go and they squish and squeeze the playdough ball - while it is still inside the baggie (I don't let them take it out until they get home - food coloring stains!).  They are all excited to find that their playdough was "Magic" and they will all have a great year when they see the color change.

Here are the printables I made for this - you can click on these to go to Google Docs and download them if you'd like to use them:

This is the poem I use under the document camera:

Here are the labels I put on the baggies.  These print on Avery 5163 labels (or you could print on paper or cardstock and staple or glue to the baggie).

If you aren't lazy and want to make the playdough from scratch, here's the recipe I have used:

“Magic” Playdough
Playdough Recipe
You will need:
1 cup salt
2 cups flour
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 cups water
food coloring
What to do:
Whisk together the dry ingredients in a saucepan. Add the “wet” ingredients. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture forms into a ball (about 3-5 minutes). Remove from pan on to floured surface. Cool slightly. Then knead it until smooth. Store in ziplock bag or airtight container in the fridge.
How to add the “magic”:
Form the playdough into ball shapes. Poke a hole in the ball and put 2 or 3 drops of food coloring in the hole. Form the playdough back into a ball again, covering the drops of food coloring.


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I had a request for these :)

Click HERE for the "Welcome To Our Class" labels.  These fit on Avery 5163 labels (or you can print, cut and glue them).

Click HERE for the postcards.  There are two pages to this document, these are meant to be printed front and back.  Page one is the front, page two is the back.  I print these on cardstock so they are thick like a postcard.  These are four to a page.
Hope you can use them!

First Grade Treasures Reading PowerPoints FREEBIE {Units 3-6}

Sunday, July 28, 2013 2 comments
Do you use Treasures for your reading series?  We just adopted Reading Street but we used to use Treasures.  I have a bunch of PowerPoints that I made and used with our first grade Treasures series the past few years.  I know different states may have different spelling words or stories in their Treasures series, but if you can use any of these - feel free!

A few things though....I had to upload these as PDF files since the fonts wouldn't work if they were uploaded as PowerPoints.  Since they are in PDF, the animations won't work, but it didn't seem to be a problem when I looked back at them after uploading them.  Also, the links won't work either :(  I had links to BrainPop and some online games, etc.  You can google to find the games, if you have a BrainPop account, you can find the videos, if not....just skip that slide! You just won't know what you were missing :)  Also, some of the PowerPoints have the spelling words, some don't.  One year we used the spelling words from Treasures, one year we didn' some I changed, some not.  

I started with Unit 3 Week 4 and went to the end of the series.  I may have some earlier ones on my school computer, I will check later.  The title of the PowerPoint is the THEME of that week.  The name of the story is in small letters on the front of most of the PowerPoints.  

Click on the pictures below to download:
Hope you can find something useful :)

Welcome Back Bags For Open House, Mega Smarties and other stuff :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 7 comments
I started making some"Welcome Back" bags for open house.  We still have a month before school starts, but I am crossing some things off my to-do list early :)

I found these cute chevron bags at Michaels yesterday.  There are 5"x 8" and have 24 in a pack.  They were originally $2 but they were 40% off plus I had a coupon for an extra 25% off my total purchase so I got them for 90 cents a pack.  Yay!  I also got some in red and white chevron, black and white chevron and blue and white stripes.  

I made some labels to go on them.  I have a robot theme in my class :)

This is what I put in the bags (for now, I'm sure I will add more before open house!!!):

A postcard (front and back shown):

A personalized pencil (it says "Mrs. Gilchrist's Class") with a robot topper:

And the Pop Rocks goodies I made earlier in this post:

I also found some other fun things on my shopping trip yesterday, one thing was.....

I found this awesome rolling tote at Home Goods for $19.99.  It's BIG!  I got the blue one (its really an aqua color).  It has straps so you can carry it like a large tote bag or pull the handle up when you want to wheel it around.  I will get a lot of use out of this between school stuff and all of my daughter's volleyball tournaments out of town!  Here's a better photo off the internet:

Olympia Polka Dots Rolling Shopper Tote

I also received something pretty exciting in the mail today from Amazon....not a book, MEGA SMARTIES!

  Oh my goodness, have you seen these????  I saw them the other day at AC Moore, they were $1.69 for a roll.  I knew I had to have them for school so I found them on Amazon - a case of 24 rolls.  They were about a dollar a piece.  More than I wanted to spend, but they really are awesome and I HAD to get them.  I thought I could give them out when the kids get all 220 sight words or at report card time or open a roll and give them each one piece of candy right before a test, to make them "smart".  Lots of possibilities!  

It's hard to see how big they are, here's a photo I took compared to a pack of gum:

and holding them:

They are giant!!  :)  And FUN!  Sure to make my class Super Smarties!