Buzzz - Mosquito Math and Cookie Math Freebies :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011 8 comments
Right now in math we are counting/sorting objects up to 20.  I saw this adorable clothes pin math game on The First Grade Parade.  I thought this would be perfect practice for my kids - I have some that need a LOT of practice with this.  I took her idea, went up to 20 and gave it a little facelift - I thought I would make it more of a "game" to catch the mosquitoes to entice them :)  Here's what I came up with:

(Click on the picture to download)

 I drew little mosquitoes on the clothespins - nothing fancy, did it super quick and it only took a few minutes to draw it on all 100 clothespins!

This Friday we are having a visit from the mouse from "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"!!!  How exciting!  I made a Cookie Math activity for counting objects to 20 too.

(Click on the picture to download)

Have a SUPER week!