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It's Almost March! A St. Patrick's Day FREEBIE :)

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I've got a little St. Patrick's Day FREEBIE for you:

This quick and easy printable is a great activity that can be used anytime for a fun lesson, center activity, or filler activity. It will work well with all ages since you have the option to have students draw pictures, draw and label, or write in their responses. 

Students will think of four things that make them "lucky". (You may wish do a whole group brainstorm session to get ideas flowing for younger students.) They will draw, draw and label, or write about each of their four ideas in each of the four sections of the four-leaf clover. In the middle of the clover, they will draw themself. These could also be made into a bulletin board, classroom or hallway display :)

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Fluency Builders: Improve Fluency AND Sight Word Recognition at the same time!

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I've got a new kit in my TPT store called "Fluency Builders".  These are Dolch sight word sentences that are made into fluency pyramids.  Not only will your students work on sight word recognition, they will improve their FLUENCY while doing it!

These are available in each Dolch level (Pre-Primer through Third Grade) OR in a bundle with all levels for 50% off!

Not only do I love these for the fluency aspect, but I love the sight word sentences.  I wanted to make sure the sentences had words that were easy to read and appropriate for the level they were in so the students could read them fluently.  I've seen sight word sentences in the past that had other words in the sentence that were too challenging for the level they were in.  Nothing blocks fluency more than that!  I made sure to include CVC words and additional sight words that were within the same level for the sentences.  In the higher levels (second and third grade words) I used some CVCe words too - the main goal was to keep it so students could read these fluently!

Each card has the Dolch sight word in the top left corner in color.  Each Dolch level has a different color for the sight words, so if you get the bundle, you will be able to keep the levels organized and/or tell what level students are working on.  

Here is an example from the First Grade Dolch set:
 You can buy the levels separately or save a LOT when purchasing the bundle:

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