Working on my next Follower Freebie: Monster Math Match

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Remember this post about Follower Freebies, in other words - getting a FREE kit each month when you follow my store at Teachers Pay Teachers?  If not, you can check it out here:  Follower Freebies

Last month I gave away this Follower Freebie:

It's too late to get this one for free, but it will go up for sale at TPT in mid-October when my new Follower Freebie comes up.  

Want to see the Follower Freebie for October?  Here's a peek:

It's a math packet that includes numbers 0-10 (with 6 cards per number).  It has number cards, number word cards, counting cards, ten frame cards, tally mark cards and addition cards. 

It's great for K-2 since you can use all of the cards or just the cards appropriate for your grade level or student needs.

For example, Kindergarten could just use the number and counting cards at the beginning of the year and add ten frames later or even some addition or word cards for higher students.

First Grade could use all of the cards or start with some sets and add more as concepts are introduced.

Second Grade could use all of the cards together at the beginning and throughout the year.

So, if you haven't followed me on Teachers Pay Teachers, click on this link (Follower Freebies) for step by step directions and this new kit will be sent to your inbox around the 16th of October!!!

I've also just added a new BUNDLE to my store:

Save $2.00 when you buy both kits in a bundle!
It includes 164 pages of sight word resources, games, 
rewards and more!!!

Here's a closer look at some of the things included:
Click on the pictures to see this at Teachers Pay Teachers!

Pete The Cat AKA The "Blue Cat" Daily Five Signs

Sunday, September 21, 2014 2 comments

I've just added a new item to Teachers Pay Teachers!  This item includes TWO sets of Daily Five posters with our friend, Pete The Cat (AKA The "Blue Cat") since we are not to refer to him by name on Teachers Pay Teachers :)

One set of posters has blue and red chevron backgrounds and the other set has colorful chevron backgrounds.  You choose - both sets are included!!!

Ten Frame FREEBIE and some new stuff....

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Just finished up a new product called -  A Week Of Word Work Centers:  Halloween

It's everything you would need for a whole week of Halloween Word Work with lots of options!  Best of all, it's only $3.00!!!!

If you want to go to Teachers Pay Teachers to check it out, make sure to follow my store by clicking on "Follow Me" under my name at the top of the page.  I've started giving out "Follower Freebies" each month to anyone that follows my store.  
You can find out more info here in this blog post:  Follower Freebies

I've also got another freebie!  I made a little ten frame match up game this morning.  Click on the photo if you'd like to download it.

Superbabies!!!  Aren't they cute?  Just cut out the ten frame cards and number cards for students to match.  Numbers 0-10 are included (with a blank card for both too, in case something gets lost and you need to make another).

Can NOT believe how fast this month is flying by!!!  It will be October before we know it!

Follower Freebies - How to access this month's free kit!

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I've just sent out the link to the followers of my Teachers Pay Teachers store for the September "Follower Freebie":  "Don't Get FROZEN" Sight Words Card Game

Teachers Pay Teachers reviews all notes sent out from buyers so it may take up to 48 hours (according to them) to get the message from me in your inbox.  See below how to access your inbox and download this kit.

If you would like to get a free kit each month by following my Teachers Pay Teachers store, click here to see how:  Follower Freebies

For those of you that are following my store, here is how to download your free kit.  You will be getting a message from me in your Teachers Pay Teachers Inbox.  When you are logged in, click on "My TPT" at the top of the page and your inbox will be in the drop down box that appears.

The link will take you to Google Docs.  You can only access this file with the link I sent.  Please don't share this link, but you can refer people to follow my store to get future downloads.

The link will go to a preview of the kit, but it is best to download the kit to your computer and print it from there to get the best quality.  The red arrow shows where the download button is at the top of the page.  It is a picture of a white arrow with a line under it.  Click on this button in Google Docs to download your kit!

Hope you enjoy the game!!!  Thank you for following my store!!!!!!!!!!

Mighty Minions and Don't forget the FREE Frozen Sight Words Game!

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I've just added two new activities to Teachers Pay Teachers featuring MINIONS!  Who doesn't LOVE minions?  Both activities are sight word activities and both include all 220 sight words that are broken into levels (see below) so you can use with different grade/ability levels. 

Next I have one of my best sellers, Read It, Build It, Write It, but with a Mighty Minion theme!!

Both activities include all of the 220 sight words broken down into the following levels:

EVEN BETTER, you can get both of these in a BUNDLE and save money!!!!

Also, Monday (9/15/14) is the last day to get my FREE Frozen Sight Words Game:

Follower Freebies

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Follower Freebies:  They are free and you'll get one every month with just one click!

 REMEMBER you must follow me BEFORE the 15th of the month to get that month's kit!  Once you follow me you will receive a FREE kit EVERY month from then on! (So if you start following me AFTER the 15th, you will begin receiving kits the following month).

I love my followers on Teachers Pay Teachers!  So, each month I send them a gift in the form of a "Follower Freebie" .  Each month I will send out a "secret" link to my followers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This link will be a free download of a new product or kit, or it could even be a free download for something already for sale in my never know!  It is a "secret" link because only my followers on Teachers Pay Teachers will get the link.  Follower Freebies are sent on or around the 15th of each month.  Once you follow my store, you will start receiving your Follower Freebie in your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox.  If you follow me before the 15th, you will receive that month's freebie.  If you follow me after the 15th, you will start receiving freebies the following month.

Here are a few of the Follower Freebies from past months:  (Make sure to follow my store today so you won't miss any future Follower Freebies!)

Here's how to follow my store and get your monthly Follower Freebie: 
If you are already a member of Teachers Pay Teachers, go to my store:  Mrs. Gilchrist's Class (see below if you are not a member). Once you are at my store, you will see my name (Cindy Gilchrist) at the top of the page and right under that is a star and "Follow Me" (see the red arrow below).  Click on "Follow Me" and then you will be following me! 

If you are NOT a member of Teachers Pay Teachers, here's how you can join and get my monthly freebie:  Go to Teachers Pay Teachers.  At the top of the page you will see this:

Click on "Join for Free".  Once there you will see this screen:

It's free and easy, just click where it says "Join Now" on the Standard Membership and fill out the info that appears.  After than you can go back up to the directions I have above, go to my store and follow me.

Each month I will send a "note" to my followers with their "Follower Freebie".  Teachers Pay Teachers does not allow direct e-mail from sellers to followers (which is probably is a good thing!), so your monthly "Follower Freebie" will go to your Inbox at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Your Inbox will be here when you click on "My TpT" at the top of the homepage when you are logged in.

Make sure to check that inbox once a month!  

Thanks for following!  Enjoy your freebies :)

MORE Superheroes!!! Just added a 130 Page Kit of Sight Word Games, Activities, and Resources and a SALE!!!!

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I have just added a NEW Superhero Add-On Kit to go with my original Superhero Sight Words Kit!!!
It has 130 Pages of Sight Word Resources, Games, and Activities!!!!!!

Includes all 220 Dolch sight words. Sight words are broken down into five lists (included). When one list is mastered, students progress to the next list. This kit has:

• Student Sight Word Take-Home Books. You can start off the books with the first list and add a new list each time one is mastered. These are printed 2 to a page and include covers in color and black and white. (7 pages)

• Teacher Record Sheets of all 220 sight words that correlate to the five lists. This can be used for tracking student progress for your records, RTI, etc… (3 pages)

• Read It, Build It, Write It: Superhero Edition! This is one of my most popular kits on TPT and it is included with a superhero theme. Includes the Read It, Build It, Write It mat (make as many copies as you’d like) and 220 Dolch sight word cards to use with the mats. Cards also correlate with the five lists. The mat(s) can be laminated or put into page protectors to use with a dry erase marker. (21 pages)

• Dolch Fluency Phrases Books. Students increase fluency by practicing sight words in phrases. Each book correlates with one of the five lists. Books are easy to assemble or can be stored in baggies instead of being made into books. (34 pages)

• Five Superhero Sight Word Card Games. All 220 Dolch sight words are included. Each game correlates to one of the five lists. My students LOVE these games!!!! (60 pages)

• Superhero Roll and Read. All you need are dice. There are five different sheets that correlate to the five lists. Students roll a die and read a word from the column that has the same number as the die. These can be laminated or put into page protectors. I have students use a dry erase marker and mark off the word after they read it so they will chose another word when that land on that column again. (5 pages).

Now, not only is this kit a BARGAIN (130 pages for $6), I HAVE IT ON SALE THROUGH SUNDAY (10/14/14) FOR 20% OFF!!!!


I have the first Superhero Sight Words Kit On Sale TOO!!!!!

Sight Words Superhero! Everything You Need to Motivate and Reward Students!

Don't Forget.....The Sale Ends Sunday!!!


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I feel like I've just given birth!  I have worked on this kit so much - it was a lot of "labor"!  Anyway, I am so excited to show you my new kit:  Sight Word Superheroes!!!

This kit has over 30 pages to help you encourage, motivate, celebrate, and reward your students for increasing sight word recognition.

This kit has:

**5 page story/introduction to motivate students to become “Sight Word Superheroes”! This can be printed or projected right from your computer (no printing needed).

**Membership Cards (wallet-sized). Students will become “Official Sight Words Superhero Members”. Two membership card styles to choose from, both are in your choice of color or black and white.

**“I Can” statement printables for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade.

**Bulletin Board or Wall Display printables: “We are Sight Word Superheroes” sign, superhero boys and girls with space to write student names, starbursts to write the number of sight words they have mastered. Display ideas included.

**Award Certificates (8.5 x 5.5). Boy and girl awards available. Award Certificates are printed with the following choices: 50, 100, 150, 200, 220 (or blank) # of words.

**Superhero Mask and Superhero Tiara printables. Print and cut to make a Superhero mask and Tiara to use for photo props. Take a photo with students wearing their choice of mask or tiara and display the photos with the bulletin board/Wall Display printables. So Cute!!! I just make one mask and one tiara use the same one all year for photos. The mask and tiara are also available in a black line copy so students can color their own mask or tiara. You could give students the “color your own” mask or tiara for rewards when goals are met or at the beginning when introducing the Sight Words Superhero “membership”.

**Rewards for reaching goals: Lollipop “capes”! Cut out the capes and punch hole to slide on a lollipop stick (photos and directions included – easy to assemble!). When students reach their goals, reward them with a “superpop”!

AND.....If you are evaluated with the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, this kit will meet elements in:
Design Question #1: What will I do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success?
Tracking Student Progress: The bulletin board/wall display shows student progress
Celebrating Success: Award Certificates, Photos, Bulletin Board display, Rewards….everything in this kit pretty much meets this element!

Check it out at my TPT store here:

LOTS of new things! I've been busy! Bundles and Revised Writing Center!!

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I was REALLY busy over Labor Day weekend!  I've been updating, revising, and bundling products for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Whew!

The good news is that you can save some money :)  I like to keep my prices low in my store.  As teachers, we spend too much money as it is.  I decided, in addition to keeping prices on individual products low, to bundle some of my best selling products and offer the bundles at an even lower price.  Of course, you can still get the individual products too.

Another big thing, I updated, revised and added a LOT to my best selling item - My Writing Center.  The file has gone from 21 pages to 39 pages!  I added more, differentiated samples and templates for student work.  I also updated the fonts and made things pretty :)

Here are the results of all that work:  (Click on the pictures to see more info)

Save With A Bundle:  The Ultimate Writing Center and Interactive Word Wall Books

Save With A Bundle:  The Author's Purpose is All About PIE and Reader's Toolbox of Reading Strategies

Save With A Bundle:  Behavior Clip Chart System and Marzano Kid-Friendly Scales

Save With A Bundle:  Word Family Houses and Read It, Build It, Write It - A Dolch Sight Words Center

And here's a picture of my updated (original) Writing Center!!!  You can check out the free preview at TPT for more pictures.

 I still have these Writing Centers too:

Labor Day Sale!

Monday, September 1, 2014 2 comments

I'm having a 24-hour Labor Day sale!  All of the products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store are 20% off today only!  I've recently added several new things so please stop by and take a look!

Here are a few of my new products and some of my best sellers:
{Click on the photos to go to the product}

The *Ultimate* Writing Center - ONLY $3.20 today!!!

 Marzano (Kid-Friendly) Scales - ONLY $2.40 today!!!
(Available in two color combos)

2 in 1 - Letter Sound Picture Mats - Two Activities in One Kit!  ONLY $2.40 Today!!!

Behavior Clip Charts - Choose from Polka Dot or Chevron.  ONLY $1.60 Today!

Pete The Cat - Awesome Adjectives.  Only .80 CENTS Today!!!

Word Family Houses - Only $2.40 Today!!!

Interactive Word Wall Books - Only $2.40 Today!

Read It, Build It, Write It - Only $1.60 today!!!

The *Ultimate* Writing Center - Chalkboard Style.  ONLY $4.00 Today!!!

The Original Writing Center - Only $2.40 Today!!!

Author's Purpose  - It's All About PIE.  Only $1.60 Today!!!

Read With A Buddy - A Collaborative Reading Center.  Only $1.60 Today!!!

The Scientific Method Posters and Activities - ONLY .80 CENTS Today!!!

And there's more in my store!