Follower Freebies

Friday, September 12, 2014

Follower Freebies:  They are free and you'll get one every month with just one click!

 REMEMBER you must follow me BEFORE the 15th of the month to get that month's kit!  Once you follow me you will receive a FREE kit EVERY month from then on! (So if you start following me AFTER the 15th, you will begin receiving kits the following month).

I love my followers on Teachers Pay Teachers!  So, each month I send them a gift in the form of a "Follower Freebie" .  Each month I will send out a "secret" link to my followers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This link will be a free download of a new product or kit, or it could even be a free download for something already for sale in my never know!  It is a "secret" link because only my followers on Teachers Pay Teachers will get the link.  Follower Freebies are sent on or around the 15th of each month.  Once you follow my store, you will start receiving your Follower Freebie in your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox.  If you follow me before the 15th, you will receive that month's freebie.  If you follow me after the 15th, you will start receiving freebies the following month.

Here are a few of the Follower Freebies from past months:  (Make sure to follow my store today so you won't miss any future Follower Freebies!)

Here's how to follow my store and get your monthly Follower Freebie: 
If you are already a member of Teachers Pay Teachers, go to my store:  Mrs. Gilchrist's Class (see below if you are not a member). Once you are at my store, you will see my name (Cindy Gilchrist) at the top of the page and right under that is a star and "Follow Me" (see the red arrow below).  Click on "Follow Me" and then you will be following me! 

If you are NOT a member of Teachers Pay Teachers, here's how you can join and get my monthly freebie:  Go to Teachers Pay Teachers.  At the top of the page you will see this:

Click on "Join for Free".  Once there you will see this screen:

It's free and easy, just click where it says "Join Now" on the Standard Membership and fill out the info that appears.  After than you can go back up to the directions I have above, go to my store and follow me.

Each month I will send a "note" to my followers with their "Follower Freebie".  Teachers Pay Teachers does not allow direct e-mail from sellers to followers (which is probably is a good thing!), so your monthly "Follower Freebie" will go to your Inbox at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Your Inbox will be here when you click on "My TpT" at the top of the homepage when you are logged in.

Make sure to check that inbox once a month!  

Thanks for following!  Enjoy your freebies :)


  1. What a wonderful treat! Thank you for your awesome shares!!!

  2. Love your writing centre set up!...can't wait to get mine up and running!