GET YOUR SHOPPING CART READY! Time for the TPT Cyber Sale!!! 28% Off My Entire Store!

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Get your shopping cart ready!!!! It's time for Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale - December 1-2!!!

I have all of my products marked 20% off and you can save 8% more  from TPT by entering the Promo Code: TPTCYBER at checkout!  That's 28% total :)

I have a few ideas for you:

My newest item - A HUGE bundle of ELA resouces:  88 PAGES IN ALL!

Get ALL SEVEN kits for ONLY $5.04!!!!  THAT IS A STEAL!!!!
Click on the picture to see this item in my store and use the "Preview" link to see more!
Each kit is also sold separately in my store.

Here are a few more new items in my store:

On SALE for $2.16!
(Click on the pictures for more information)

On SALE for $2.16!

On SALE for $1.44!

On SALE for $2.16!

If you need some great gift ideas for Christmas, check this out:

On SALE for $2.16!

This is a GREAT time to buy my Sight Word Superhero kits:

On SALE for $3.60!

On SALE for $4.32!

And My Best Sellers....

Oh my goodness, there is SOOOO much more!  Please check out my store - I have GREAT prices all of the time, but a sale makes my prices AMAZING!

An AMAZING Bundle! Letter Sounds, CVC Words, Rhyming, Upper/Lowercase Letters, Color Words, Number Words, and Contractions!

Do your guided reading lessons need a little spice?  Are you looking for some great, engaging literacy center ideas, but are on a budget?  Need some RTI activities?

I've got a great bundle for you!!!  I just finished my "We Go Together" kits!!!  (I keep singing that song from Grease when I think of this!) There are seven matching games that include the following skills:

"Burger & Fries" Contractions Match
"Milk & Cookies" Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match
"Mac & Cheese" Colors and Color Word Match
"PB & J" CVC Words and Pictures Match
"Peas & Carrots" Rhyming Picture Match
"Bacon & Eggs" Beginning Sound and Picture Match
"Salt & Pepper" Number and Number Word Match

I have each kit for sale separately in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, but 
you can save 50% 
by purchasing all of the kits in a bundle!

Here's a peek of what you'll be getting, it really is just a peek because the entire bundle is 
88 pages!!!!

Check out the Free Preview file on this page to see these pictures close up.  Just click on the green "Preview" button under the pictures.

Click on the pictures above to see the bundle at Teachers Pay Teachers, or you can click on the names below to see the individual kits:

"Milk & Cookies" Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match
"Mac & Cheese" Colors and Color Word Match
"PB & J" CVC Words and Pictures Match
"Peas & Carrots" Rhyming Picture Match
"Bacon & Eggs" Beginning Sound and Picture Match
"Salt & Pepper" Number and Number Word Match

Christmas Shopping, Ebates and a Thanksgiving FREEBIE!

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I've already started Christmas shopping- I actually got all of the the gifts for my daughter's teachers several weeks ago. They are wrapped and ready to go!  I wanted to get a jump on it this year because last Christmas seemed to sneak up on me.  There is something about living in south Florida, when it's 80+ degrees in December, that makes Christmas sneak up on you.  It just doesn't feel like Christmas.  But I'm not complaining!  I HATE to be cold. I live in the right place for sure!  Today will be perfect:

That's my idea of cooler weather :)

Anyway....I'm going to post about Ebates again.  Yes, this isn't my first Ebates post. I just LOVE Ebates - especially this time of year because I do most of my Christmas shopping online and there is just NO REASON not to use Ebates when shopping online.  Here is how much I have in my Ebates account right now:

Can't wait to get that check in February!!!!  I'm not done Christmas shopping yet, so I know more will be added to it. Seriously, there is NO cost or disadvantage to signing up for Ebates, they get a percentage from promoting the store you shop at and they give you a cut of that percentage.  It's a win-win.  

Click here or on the Ebates logo to sign up!

Next, I have a little Thanksgiving Freebie.  I made one of these for Halloween, so I thought I'd make one for Thanksgiving too:

Click on the picture to download.  This includes an answer key too!
Just use a hand lens (magnifying glass) and search for the tiny sight words hidden in the picture.  Students will write the hidden word next to it's number.  And, if I'm sure I won't be getting a walk-through/observation, I'll let the kids color it when they are finished :)  Did you know that coloring is a BIG no-no in First Grade????  It is in our district.  Just ridiculous.  No fun, it's all business.  So you gotta try to sneak it in, don't tell.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving Freebies! My Book Of Thanks and Thanksgiving ABC Order

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I've been so busy the last two weeks that I almost forgot to post a Thanksgiving Freebie that I made a few weeks ago.

I actually have two freebies below, but I did want to post a link to my new Thanksgiving pack at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's a whole week's worth of Thanksgiving Word Work Centers:

Click on the picture to view

I posted this freebie a few weeks ago to go with that Thanksgiving pack:

Click on the picture to download:

Here's a new freebie - Print and fold this page to make a little "Book of Thanks" for Thanksgiving.  I just love little things like this - they make such cute keepsakes!

Just print, fold the paper in half and then fold it in half again, like this:

Click on either of the pictures to download.

I've also just added my Monster Math Match kit to Teachers Pay Teachers :)  I love this one!

Have a GREAT week!

November Follower Freebie is going out today!!!!

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If you follow my store at Teachers Pay Teachers, I have just sent the November Follower Freebie to your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox!!!  Here is what you will get (for FREE) this month:

This is a set of School-Themed Papers that you can use for anything....Binder covers, signs for your classroom, notes or stationery...anything you might need a cute paper for :)

This download will be in a zipped file because I have included both PDF and PowerPoint files in this download.  The PDF files can be printed out as is - in other words you can just print the papers and hand write on them (unless you have a really expensive version of Adobe, then you can add a text box and type on the papers prior to printing, but most people don't have that software).  I've also added a file with the same papers in PowerPoint.  You will need PowerPoint to open this file.  With PowerPoint, which most people have, you CAN add a text box, type whatever you want on the paper and then print or save it.  I would probably use the PowerPoint files the most, but I wanted you to have some options.

Now, since this is a zipped file, you will click on the link that I sent to your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox and that will take you to Google Drive to download this.  You will not be able to open the zipped file directly in Google Drive so you will need to click on the black arrow at the very top of the page to download this to your computer.  I have a picture of what this looks like.  The red arrow is pointing to it:

If you are not a follower of my Teachers Pay Teachers store, it is too late to get this month's free kit, but if you become a follower (and its free to do, no strings attached) you will get all the free kits that come each month after this!  To find out how to follow my store, click here for directions:  How to Follower My Store at Teachers Pay Teachers

Have a GREAT weekend!

Just Updated! Comprehension Skill Charts!!!

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I've updated one of my best selling products on Teachers Pay Teachers - 

I've updated the fonts and picture examples.  There are 8 pages that include:

Story Structure (Plot)
Making Inferences
Compare and Contrast
Fantasy and Reality

This is still ONLY $2.00!!!  

I use these ALL YEAR in my classroom and they really help the students understand the concepts!  They are able to identify and apply the skills when reading throughout the year.

Veterans Day Freebies!

Friday, November 7, 2014 4 comments

I have a few new items that I have recently added to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers:
(Click on the pictures to check them out)

CVC Clip The Sound cards.  This includes initial, middle AND ending sounds!  Just add clothes pins and you have an engaging center that is differentiated!  Answer key printables and an easy to follow directions printable are also included so students can get started quickly AND check their own work.
CVC Clip The Sounds

This is a download to make your own teacher printable.  This is GREAT for teacher gifts - just in time for Christmas :)  The fonts are embedded so that means you just type over the teacher name and school name to enter the names you want and the font stays the same.  You can use this over and over for multiple gifts, just change the names each time and print!  Pick up a few frames at the dollar store and you have a very inexpensive, but super cute, personalized gift!
Print Your Own Teacher Subway Art - Perfect for Gifts! 

This FROZEN sight words card game is a favorite right now!!!!  The kids LOVE this!  This was also a past "Follower Freebie", which means you could have gotten this FREE in the past if you were a follower of my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  If you missed it, I give a new "Follower Freebie" each month!!!  (See below how to follow my store and get a free kit each month!!!)
Don't Get "Frozen" -  A Sight Words Card Game

I also have A Week Of Word Work Centers:  Thanksgiving.  All you need, with options, for a week of Thanksgiving centers:

Also, if you haven't seen these, you much check them out.  I have bundled several of my best selling products at a reduced price!  Click on the photos below to check them out!

And, don't forget to follow my store to get a free kit each month!!!  Past "Follower Freebies" include"

Click here to see how to get free kits each month:  Mrs. Gilchrist's Follower Freebies

Also, if you want a quick glance of all of my products, click on the tab at the top of my blog that says "My Products" or click here to go there.

I have have a "Freebies" tab, too.  Pin it so you don't forget to go there often and get new freebies!

Now to Veteran's Day.....
I have some new freebies just in time for Veterans Day!

The first one is a foldable book that gives some basic facts about Veterans Day that students can color.  I always tell my students to take things like this home and tell their parents about what they have learned.  I like that this is short and sweet and to the point.  We read this in class and it gives a starting point to expand the conversation and talk about Veterans Day.  Then student color their own books.

Click on the picture to download this from Google Drive.  Fold in half and then fold in half again to make this into a "book".

Next I have a printable poem, actually it is a SONG and a cloze activity to go with it.  We read and sing this several times in class.  It goes to the tune of  "O Christmas Tree".  The students then get the cloze activity and fill in the missing words (these are printed two per page to save paper).  I have students glue this in a poetry notebook and draw a picture to go with it, but this could be glued to a larger paper and have student draw a picture to go with it there too.  Click on it to download:
I have a feeling November is going to fly by......