Christmas Shopping, Ebates and a Thanksgiving FREEBIE!

Sunday, November 23, 2014
I've already started Christmas shopping- I actually got all of the the gifts for my daughter's teachers several weeks ago. They are wrapped and ready to go!  I wanted to get a jump on it this year because last Christmas seemed to sneak up on me.  There is something about living in south Florida, when it's 80+ degrees in December, that makes Christmas sneak up on you.  It just doesn't feel like Christmas.  But I'm not complaining!  I HATE to be cold. I live in the right place for sure!  Today will be perfect:

That's my idea of cooler weather :)

Anyway....I'm going to post about Ebates again.  Yes, this isn't my first Ebates post. I just LOVE Ebates - especially this time of year because I do most of my Christmas shopping online and there is just NO REASON not to use Ebates when shopping online.  Here is how much I have in my Ebates account right now:

Can't wait to get that check in February!!!!  I'm not done Christmas shopping yet, so I know more will be added to it. Seriously, there is NO cost or disadvantage to signing up for Ebates, they get a percentage from promoting the store you shop at and they give you a cut of that percentage.  It's a win-win.  

Click here or on the Ebates logo to sign up!

Next, I have a little Thanksgiving Freebie.  I made one of these for Halloween, so I thought I'd make one for Thanksgiving too:

Click on the picture to download.  This includes an answer key too!
Just use a hand lens (magnifying glass) and search for the tiny sight words hidden in the picture.  Students will write the hidden word next to it's number.  And, if I'm sure I won't be getting a walk-through/observation, I'll let the kids color it when they are finished :)  Did you know that coloring is a BIG no-no in First Grade????  It is in our district.  Just ridiculous.  No fun, it's all business.  So you gotta try to sneak it in, don't tell.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Thanks for this cutie freebie! Love it! :)

  2. My grade ones loved this!!! I was wondering if you had a pack of hidden sight word coloring sheets like this. I love how mini the words it make the little ones have to really zoom in and find the words. I'd purchase a pack if you had one. Thanks so much!!!