Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Shopping, Ebates and a Thanksgiving FREEBIE!

I've already started Christmas shopping- I actually got all of the the gifts for my daughter's teachers several weeks ago. They are wrapped and ready to go!  I wanted to get a jump on it this year because last Christmas seemed to sneak up on me.  There is something about living in south Florida, when it's 80+ degrees in December, that makes Christmas sneak up on you.  It just doesn't feel like Christmas.  But I'm not complaining!  I HATE to be cold. I live in the right place for sure!  Today will be perfect:

That's my idea of cooler weather :)

Anyway....I'm going to post about Ebates again.  Yes, this isn't my first Ebates post. I just LOVE Ebates - especially this time of year because I do most of my Christmas shopping online and there is just NO REASON not to use Ebates when shopping online.  Here is how much I have in my Ebates account right now:

Can't wait to get that check in February!!!!  I'm not done Christmas shopping yet, so I know more will be added to it. Seriously, there is NO cost or disadvantage to signing up for Ebates, they get a percentage from promoting the store you shop at and they give you a cut of that percentage.  It's a win-win.  

Click here or on the Ebates logo to sign up!

Next, I have a little Thanksgiving Freebie.  I made one of these for Halloween, so I thought I'd make one for Thanksgiving too:

Click on the picture to download.  This includes an answer key too!
Just use a hand lens (magnifying glass) and search for the tiny sight words hidden in the picture.  Students will write the hidden word next to it's number.  And, if I'm sure I won't be getting a walk-through/observation, I'll let the kids color it when they are finished :)  Did you know that coloring is a BIG no-no in First Grade????  It is in our district.  Just ridiculous.  No fun, it's all business.  So you gotta try to sneak it in, don't tell.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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