November Follower Freebie is going out today!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014
If you follow my store at Teachers Pay Teachers, I have just sent the November Follower Freebie to your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox!!!  Here is what you will get (for FREE) this month:

This is a set of School-Themed Papers that you can use for anything....Binder covers, signs for your classroom, notes or stationery...anything you might need a cute paper for :)

This download will be in a zipped file because I have included both PDF and PowerPoint files in this download.  The PDF files can be printed out as is - in other words you can just print the papers and hand write on them (unless you have a really expensive version of Adobe, then you can add a text box and type on the papers prior to printing, but most people don't have that software).  I've also added a file with the same papers in PowerPoint.  You will need PowerPoint to open this file.  With PowerPoint, which most people have, you CAN add a text box, type whatever you want on the paper and then print or save it.  I would probably use the PowerPoint files the most, but I wanted you to have some options.

Now, since this is a zipped file, you will click on the link that I sent to your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox and that will take you to Google Drive to download this.  You will not be able to open the zipped file directly in Google Drive so you will need to click on the black arrow at the very top of the page to download this to your computer.  I have a picture of what this looks like.  The red arrow is pointing to it:

If you are not a follower of my Teachers Pay Teachers store, it is too late to get this month's free kit, but if you become a follower (and its free to do, no strings attached) you will get all the free kits that come each month after this!  To find out how to follow my store, click here for directions:  How to Follower My Store at Teachers Pay Teachers

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. I am a follower of yours on TPT and have not received the November Follower Freebie in my inbox yet. Does it take a few days or should it be there by now.

    1. It usually goes up the same day, but looks like it will be taking longer. I sent it early yesterday morning, but TPT has to approve each message before they are sent out. They say it can take up to 48 hours, so I guess they are really busy this weekend or something! It's coming - just waiting on them now! Hope it arrives soon!

  2. I did not receive the follower freebie. I am wondering if this a tpt issue? I just love your love and don't want to miss out :)