An AMAZING Bundle! Letter Sounds, CVC Words, Rhyming, Upper/Lowercase Letters, Color Words, Number Words, and Contractions!

Sunday, November 30, 2014
Do your guided reading lessons need a little spice?  Are you looking for some great, engaging literacy center ideas, but are on a budget?  Need some RTI activities?

I've got a great bundle for you!!!  I just finished my "We Go Together" kits!!!  (I keep singing that song from Grease when I think of this!) There are seven matching games that include the following skills:

"Burger & Fries" Contractions Match
"Milk & Cookies" Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match
"Mac & Cheese" Colors and Color Word Match
"PB & J" CVC Words and Pictures Match
"Peas & Carrots" Rhyming Picture Match
"Bacon & Eggs" Beginning Sound and Picture Match
"Salt & Pepper" Number and Number Word Match

I have each kit for sale separately in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, but 
you can save 50% 
by purchasing all of the kits in a bundle!

Here's a peek of what you'll be getting, it really is just a peek because the entire bundle is 
88 pages!!!!

Check out the Free Preview file on this page to see these pictures close up.  Just click on the green "Preview" button under the pictures.

Click on the pictures above to see the bundle at Teachers Pay Teachers, or you can click on the names below to see the individual kits:

"Milk & Cookies" Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match
"Mac & Cheese" Colors and Color Word Match
"PB & J" CVC Words and Pictures Match
"Peas & Carrots" Rhyming Picture Match
"Bacon & Eggs" Beginning Sound and Picture Match
"Salt & Pepper" Number and Number Word Match

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