Marzano Kid-Friendly Scales!

Saturday, August 30, 2014 1 comment

I've just uploaded a new kit to Teachers Pay Teachers.  Marzano {Kid-Friendly} Rating Scales.  This bright 14-page kit includes 2 separate sets of scales to display in your classroom. One set has a four-point scale (4, 3, 2, and 1). The second set has a five-point scale (4, 3, 2, 1, and 0). 
Choose the set that fits the requirements of your school or the needs of your class. 

You can display the scale on your wall, bulletin board, whiteboard, etc. I post mine right on my whiteboard because we use them so often. The scales are kid-friendly and use hand symbols to represent the numbers on the scale.

This kit is also available in Primary Colors:

Individual student scales are also included in this kit! These work great with clothes pins or other clips. 

4-point Individual Scale

5-Point Individual Scale

These are GREAT for OBSERVATIONS to show reflecting on learning! These personal scales are the perfect size to keep at a student’s desk or table. The individual student scales are printed 4 to a page. Print, cut, and laminate enough scales so that each student will have one. When students are asked to measure or reflect on learning, they will clip the clothes pin to their number. There are times when I ask students to show me their number quickly by holding up their actual hand in class. However, there are times when I want students to keep working or remain silent so I will have them use this scale. It is also gives students a way to show me their number privately, without the rest of the class knowing. I have found students are more likely to give an honest answer this way.

Back to School Freebie and NEW Letter-Sound Mats!

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I've got a little back to school freebie that I like to use in the first few weeks of school.  It's a back to school poem and cloze activity.  I put the poem under the document camera and we read it every day for a week. We discuss the poem - do a little "close reading", talk about why it says "goodbye old pool", find rhyming words, etc...

{click to download}

 For one of their literacy/word work centers that week I put out copies of the cloze activity that goes with the poem.  These are printed two-to-a page, so I make copies and cut them in half.  I also have sentence strips with the each line of the poem written on a strip and they put the poem together in a pocket chart.

{click to download}
Once students complete the cloze activity, they glue it in their poetry notebook (which is a composition book - this is why they are two-to-a page, to fit in the notebook).  After completing the cloze and gluing the poem in their poetry notebook, they draw a picture to go with the poem.  Here is my example (Don't laugh - I am a terrible artist):

I just finished a new kit for Teachers Pay Teachers!  I will blog more about it later, but here is a little info now:

  This is a 40 page kit with TWO different activities included!

Here are a few sneak peaks from the activities:


Best of all, it's only $3.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Click on any of the photos to see this at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Technology Trends: Going Mobile

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Interesting information.  I use technology in the classroom but I really need to step it up when it comes to referring apps to help students study at home.  I have mostly referred websites in the past, but reading this makes me feel that apps are the way to go.  I'll be looking into this more.  If you know of any good apps for sight words, spelling lists or other elementary subject areas, let me know!!!  

Let's Go SHOPPING! All of my products are ON SALE WEDNESDAY!

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Ready for some back to school shopping???  It's Time - Get your shopping cart ready for my big sale!!!!  On Wednesday, August 20th, all of the products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store are on sale for 28% off when you use the promo code BOOST at checkout.  

Need some ideas???

My Newest Items are here:

Another new item:

Awesome Adjectives with "The Blue Cat", you know...Pete!

I also have many more ideas for you......
What about a Writing Center?
I've got THREE of them!

Need a Word Wall?  Make it INTERACTIVE!

This includes an editable template to make your own word cards too!

Practice those CVC and CCVC Words!

Sight Word Practice!!!

Learn the Scientific Method!

Need to address the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards?

Finding it hard to explain Author's Purpose???

Need A Filler for the First Day of School?

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Reading Tools for Guided Reading :)

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Even END of the Year products on sale!

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Behavior Clip Chart System and {Another} BIG SALE!!!

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I've just listed a new product on Teachers Pay Teachers (and right in time for the BIG SALE on Wednesday)!

I've listed a Behavior Clip Chart System and it is available in two styles:
Polka Dot:       

or Chevron:
Just add clips - you can use clothes pins with students' names written on them.  When a student's behavior changes, just move their clip up or down the chart.  This provides a GREAT visual reminder and encourages students to make positive choices.

But that's not all!  Each set also includes Daily and Weekly Behavior Reports AND Punch Cards available in 10 or 20 punches:

You can choose to send a daily report home or a weekly report that sums up the week (or both).

These reports come 8 to a page.  I find it easiest to make many copies and cut them all to have a large stack ready for the whole year.

 Punch cards can be copied onto any type of paper, but I prefer to use colored cardstock for mine.  Write the student's name on the top line.  You can choose to punch the card anytime the child exhibit's "Amazing" behavior.  I punch a number if a child reaches "Amazing" on the Clip Chart for the day.  You could also punch a number throughout the day if you would like.  Punch Cards are included in both 10 punches and 20 punches to meet the needs/ages of your students.


Punch Cards come 6 to a page.  Just like the behavior reports, you could copy and cut to have a large stack ready for the whole year.

Here's an example of a clip chart in use:

Now, about the BIG SALE!!!