Behavior Clip Chart System and {Another} BIG SALE!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

I've just listed a new product on Teachers Pay Teachers (and right in time for the BIG SALE on Wednesday)!

I've listed a Behavior Clip Chart System and it is available in two styles:
Polka Dot:       

or Chevron:
Just add clips - you can use clothes pins with students' names written on them.  When a student's behavior changes, just move their clip up or down the chart.  This provides a GREAT visual reminder and encourages students to make positive choices.

But that's not all!  Each set also includes Daily and Weekly Behavior Reports AND Punch Cards available in 10 or 20 punches:

You can choose to send a daily report home or a weekly report that sums up the week (or both).

These reports come 8 to a page.  I find it easiest to make many copies and cut them all to have a large stack ready for the whole year.

 Punch cards can be copied onto any type of paper, but I prefer to use colored cardstock for mine.  Write the student's name on the top line.  You can choose to punch the card anytime the child exhibit's "Amazing" behavior.  I punch a number if a child reaches "Amazing" on the Clip Chart for the day.  You could also punch a number throughout the day if you would like.  Punch Cards are included in both 10 punches and 20 punches to meet the needs/ages of your students.


Punch Cards come 6 to a page.  Just like the behavior reports, you could copy and cut to have a large stack ready for the whole year.

Here's an example of a clip chart in use:

Now, about the BIG SALE!!!

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