Pete The Cat Awesome Adjectives Pack! I LOVE My Colorful Shoes!

Friday, August 15, 2014
Oops!!!  That should say:

Pete The BLUE Cat Awesome Adjectives Pack!!!  Can't use the name anymore due to a Cease and Desist notification from the author.  He no longer allows anyone to use the actual name on any products (free or paid).  So, I have revised my Awesome Adjectives Pack from last year and have it available again on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!  I like it even BETTER now!  Best of all, it's only $1.00!!!  Woo-Hoo!

Everything you need to make a class book of awesome adjectives!  

The Cover

 Inside Pages - Print one page per student.  Have them write an adjective and color to describe the shoes, then color the shoes to match.  (A list of adjectives and colors is included or you can have your class brainstorm together and generate a list of your own!)

The Last Page of the book:)

Here are a few examples:

This pack also includes extra shoe patterns:

I cut them out (just quickly cut them out in squares/straight lines) and gave each student a shoe to color and had them cut out around the edges.  We used them as a border for a poster we made - you could make a bulletin board out of these pages and use extra shoes as a bulletin board border.

Also included - A Cat Craft!  Templates, printables and instructions are included to make a cat like this:

Also, if you like this kit, make sure to check out my "Blue Cat" Daily Five Posters:

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