Veterans Day Freebies!

Friday, November 7, 2014

I have a few new items that I have recently added to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers:
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CVC Clip The Sound cards.  This includes initial, middle AND ending sounds!  Just add clothes pins and you have an engaging center that is differentiated!  Answer key printables and an easy to follow directions printable are also included so students can get started quickly AND check their own work.
CVC Clip The Sounds

This is a download to make your own teacher printable.  This is GREAT for teacher gifts - just in time for Christmas :)  The fonts are embedded so that means you just type over the teacher name and school name to enter the names you want and the font stays the same.  You can use this over and over for multiple gifts, just change the names each time and print!  Pick up a few frames at the dollar store and you have a very inexpensive, but super cute, personalized gift!
Print Your Own Teacher Subway Art - Perfect for Gifts! 

This FROZEN sight words card game is a favorite right now!!!!  The kids LOVE this!  This was also a past "Follower Freebie", which means you could have gotten this FREE in the past if you were a follower of my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  If you missed it, I give a new "Follower Freebie" each month!!!  (See below how to follow my store and get a free kit each month!!!)
Don't Get "Frozen" -  A Sight Words Card Game

I also have A Week Of Word Work Centers:  Thanksgiving.  All you need, with options, for a week of Thanksgiving centers:

Also, if you haven't seen these, you much check them out.  I have bundled several of my best selling products at a reduced price!  Click on the photos below to check them out!

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Now to Veteran's Day.....
I have some new freebies just in time for Veterans Day!

The first one is a foldable book that gives some basic facts about Veterans Day that students can color.  I always tell my students to take things like this home and tell their parents about what they have learned.  I like that this is short and sweet and to the point.  We read this in class and it gives a starting point to expand the conversation and talk about Veterans Day.  Then student color their own books.

Click on the picture to download this from Google Drive.  Fold in half and then fold in half again to make this into a "book".

Next I have a printable poem, actually it is a SONG and a cloze activity to go with it.  We read and sing this several times in class.  It goes to the tune of  "O Christmas Tree".  The students then get the cloze activity and fill in the missing words (these are printed two per page to save paper).  I have students glue this in a poetry notebook and draw a picture to go with it, but this could be glued to a larger paper and have student draw a picture to go with it there too.  Click on it to download:
I have a feeling November is going to fly by......


  1. I've been following for a while now . . . how is it that I didn't know about all of this? (Aside from the fact that I never check my TpT inbox.) I will have to pay closer attention!

  2. I appreciate this! Nice work!

  3. I appreciate this! Thank you so much!