Reading Street Spelling Centers, Digraphs, and more....

Saturday, February 7, 2015
If you teach first grade and use Reading Street (Common Core), I've just uploaded some new kits to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  These kits feature the spelling word lists from each week in Reading Street.  There is a work mat for each week that matches the story's theme too!  Each kit covers a whole unit in Reading Street and is ONLY $3.00!  This is a great deal - you have an entire word work/literacy center covered for 6 WEEKS!

Click on the photos to see these are TPT:

For the BEST DEAL of all....GET ALL 5 UNITS (that's an ENTIRE YEAR worth of word work/literacy centers) for only $10.00!!!!!

I have also added a new Digraphs kit to my store:

Just add clothes pins and you're ready to go!

If you aren't following my store, this is last week to do it if you'd like to get the February Follower Freebie:

Click on the pictures for more info on how to get this free (its VERY easy!)


  1. Hi! This is totally not related to this post but my kinder team just made Tshirts with your 100 day iron on template and we were curious to see if you maybe had one for Valentine's day? We enjoyed the time we spent together making our 100 day shirt and wanted to do it again!
    Please let me me know. Thank you!!

  2. I don't now, but I will keep that in mind for later!