Groundhog Day Sight Words!

Friday, January 30, 2015
I am reposting my same post from yesterday because I wanted to add another "Pick and Read OR Roll and Read" that I finished after I posted this!  This is very last minute, but it is a Groundhog Day version:

If you need a quick and EASY sight words activity to use next week, just click on the photo to check it out!

I've just posted some fun new sight word kits at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  They are called "Pick and Read OR Roll and Read" because you can use them in two ways.  First, you can use the sight word sheets and have students pick an item, in the case of the kit pictured above, they will pick a pet.  After picking the pet, they will read all of the words under that pet.  Then another student will pick a pet and do the same.  I don't mind if students pick the same pets because it strengthens their recognition of sight words with that repetition.  My students love this - there is something about them having a choice and getting to pick what they want.

Another way to use this is to "Roll and Read".  Each kit has a matching die (dice).  Students can roll the die and they will read the words under the pet that the die lands on.  

I like to use the "Pick and Read" option in small groups/guided reading or RTI/interventions.  Then use the "Roll and Read" option as an independent literacy or word work center.  

Each kit has a separate page for each sight word level.  There is a Pre-Primer page, Primer page, First Grade page, Second Grade page, and Third Grade page.  Each page shows the level at the bottom corner.

There are 5 kits/themes to choose from (and if you want to save 50% you can buy all five kits in a crazy cheap bundle!).   Here they are:

Each kit is only $2.00, but if you buy the bundle, you will save 50%!

I still want to mention my free Shapes kit!
There is still time to get this kit!  Just click on the pictures below to see how you can get this kit (plus other FREE kits each month)!

All you need to do is follow my store at Teachers Pay Teachers and you will get a FREE kit EVERY MONTH!!!  Click here for specific directions on how to follow my store.

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