Don't Forget To Use Spaces! {Spaceman Freebie} for Made it Monday

Monday, August 18, 2014
I've got a Spaceman Freebie but first, I have some new products added to my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

⤤ SUPER EASY to implement - GREAT for the first weeks of school!!!!

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Wonder how many times I've had to remind students to use spaces between words when writing?  Maybe a million!  I've been wanting some "spacemen" to help students remember to use those spaces, so I decided to make some.  

If you would like to make some too, I have a free download for you right here:
{Click here or on the picture to download}

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There are a couple of ways to do this - the easiest would be to print on cardstock, laminate, and cut into strips.  They can be used this way, might get a little worn after a while but it would be easy enough to replace them each school year.

To make them super sturdy,  I wanted to make mine to fit on large craft sticks (the kind sized
6 inches x 3/4 inch).  I bought these at Walmart:

I tried using Mod Podge at first, and that worked good,

  but I realized I had a MUCH easier way to do it so I broke out my trusty Xyron machine with the laminate/permanent adhesive cartridge:


That's the smaller one, that works just as good, I have the larger one here:

I got mine years ago and it's a lot cheaper now!

I loaded in the printout of Spacemen...

and out they came, laminated with permanent adhesive on the back.

Then I just cut out on the lines (I used my paper cutter) and peeled the backing off to stick on the craft stick.

I have these sized to fit the craft sticks exactly with just a little extra on the top and bottom.  

 I made that extra space on purpose - here's a little trick to trim off that top and bottom and make it perfectly molded to the stick.  Use a fingernail file!  Just use a downward motion pressing the file to the stick where the paper is hanging over.  It files the paper and laminate away and shapes it to the edges of the stick:

Now they are ready to use!!


  1. Love this idea - thank so much for the freebie!! I have never heard of an Xyron before - I was just feeling good about having a regular old laminator : )

  2. Thanks so much, just what I was looking for!

  3. Thanks for the freebie! I have made about a meeellion of these to share. Since the adhesive/laminate cartridge has been discontinued for the larger Xyron, I came up with a hack: I printed the Spacemen on Avery label paper, laminated, and after cutting the men apart I just peeled off the backing/laminate side.

  4. What size machine did you actually use to make them?

  5. I have the larger one, but either would work just as well.

  6. Thank you so much! Mine are not perfect, I made them quickly....but the kids love and used them yesterday. So helpful!

  7. Love this, thank you.

  8. Would this work well for 2nd grade or would I need the smaller sticks?

  9. These are awesome! Do you have them without color so I can color them in different ethnicities?

  10. Fantastic idea. I actually think a popsicle craft stick is too wide. I use wooden coffee stirrers, but never called them "spacemen". Cute.

    i use