Word Family Fun! On sale for a short time!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I've got a new product to share.  Word Family Houses!  

This product is $3.00 but I have it on sale for $2.00 through Sunday (7/27/14).

There are 29 pages and the kit contains 5 unique word family house pictures, 15 word family heading cards (these go on the roof of the house), 4 CVC word cards and 4 CCVC words for each word family - 120 cards total. (These are the “windows” of the house.)

The following 15 word families are included:
ab, an, at, ed, en, et, ig, ip, it, og, op, ot, ub, ug, and un.

Each word family also has a worksheet for students to write the word family words and to think of additional words. There are two sets of worksheets, one to print a full copy that covers three word families of each medial vowel sound, or one sheet to cut into thirds (cut lines are included), to give students one word family at a time.

You can differentiate your instruction by using either the CVC or CCVC cards to meet the needs of your students or grade level.

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