Interactive Word Walls

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Make your word wall words interactive!  I made these little books last year and they were a big hit with the students!  I hung them under my whiteboard.  Each book has a cover with a different letter of the alphabet and the pages of the books are word cards that correspond with that letter. The word cards include all 220 Dolch sight words plus an additional 46 high frequency word cards, all in alphabetical order. You will also get the words and covers for Color Words (11 word cards), Days and Months (19 word cards), Number Words (28 word cards), and Ordinal Numbers (20 word cards). 344 words in all.  I also have an EDITABLE TEMPLATE to go with the books so you can make and add your own word cards!  This template has the same font, font size and card size that I used to make this kit.

I punched a hole in top left corner of each book and used a book ring to bind them. I have this handy dandy little paper drill that made it SUPER easy to punch all the cards at once:
Mc Gill Adjustable Drill Punch, 1 Hole

Print shops (like Fed-Ex Express, formally Kinkos, Staples,etc...) will punch a huge stack in one shot, pretty cheap too.  If you have production at your school or district, they will do it too.  Or you can do it :)

 I found some large colorful push pins at Walmart (that happened to match the books really good), so I hung each book on a push pin.  They were VERY accessible to the students.  If they were writing and needed help with a word, they could get up and get the letter they needed.  I also used them in Word Work centers, Reading centers and at Guided Reading.

I just put these up on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Its a 43 page kit and it's only $3.00!!!  I always try to price things low because we're all teachers, we're not rich.  Here are a couple of photos of what's included:

This also coordinates with my Ultimate Writing Center - Chevron Style:


  1. What a great idea! It saves space and is portable - love it! I bought your original writing center and still use it. You do nice work.

  2. I bought these! Thanks for sharing from your blog.

  3. Love this! Would be a great addition!