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Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Part two....I've just uploaded another Writing Center to Teachers Pay Teachers!  Very similar to the Chalkboard Writing Center (the Chalkboard Style has a few more printables), but with a different look.  This is a rainbow chevron style:

Click on the photos below or click HERE to go to Teachers Pay Teachers to see the free preview of this new 35 page kit!

Here's more info on what is included in this kit:

Tips, ideas, and photos for setting up your board are included in the download. The following items are also included:

1. Six title styles to choose from (three in colored lettering, three in black lettering)
2. Two sizes of headings. Headings included are: Letter, Story, List, Card, Postcard, Poem, Recipe. (Colored Chalk and White Chalk styles included)
3. “What Can I Write About?” Story Prompts
4. "Super Synonyms" Printable
5. “What Good Writers Do” Printable
6. Alphabet/Number Chart
7. Bonus Writing Checklists - Cut and handout to students during the editing process
8. *Two Card Samples
9. *Two Letter Samples
10. *Two List Samples
11. *Story Sample
12. *Two Postcard Samples
13. *Two Poem Samples
14. *Recipe Sample
15. Postcard Template (two per page)
16. Card Template (two per page)
17. List Template (three per page)
18. Two Story Templates
19. Two Letter Templates

I also have a great new kit, Interactive Word Wall Books, that coordinate with this Writing Center:

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