Back to School Freebie for the First Week of School

Sunday, July 27, 2014
I was going through some photos tonight and found this picture of my desk that I took on the first day of school last year. The photo was taken at 7:44 - about 15 minutes before students started to arrive.  

My computer shows what was being projected on my white board :)  How exciting!

I have a Back To School Freebie for you.  I use this each year during the first week of school.  Its a fun activity and a little bit of a time filler since I call the students up one at a time to select their transportation card, put it in the pocket chart, walk back to their seat and call the next student.  (I love how we can take our time and not worry about rushing to get everything crammed in during the first week of school.)  I go first to model picking a card and putting it in the correct spot, etc...

After everyone is finished, we analyze our data.  We count the cards for each column and I write the totals on the board.  We talk about which one had the most, which had the least.  We make tally marks to represent the numbers, talk a bit about greater than/less than, etc....  Then we talk about graphing our data and use this worksheet:

You can click on the photos or here to get this free "How Do We Get To School" graphing activity from my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It includes the picture cards and labels for your pocket chart and the graphing worksheet.

 I have some more back to school freebies that I will be posting on my blog in the next two weeks, so make sure to check back!!!!

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