CVC Initial, Medial, and Final Sound Clip Cards and a Sneak Peek at the November Follower Freebie!

Thursday, October 16, 2014
I've added another new product to my Teachers Pay Teachers store:  CVC Clip Cards!  Great for small group/Guided Reading, RTI/Interventions, and Independent Centers!

Use Clothes Pins to "clip" the correct sound on the Clip Cards. There are 48 cards in all: 16 Initial (First) Sound Cards, 16 Medial (Middle) Sound Cards, and 16 Final (Last) Sound Cards. Student-friendly directions, answer keys and follow-up worksheets are also included for all sounds!  
Every year I have had a few students that struggle with those middle vowel sounds!!!!  This will be great for interventions and independent work for all students and especially the kids that need extra practice!
Click on the photo below to check it out!  

If you follow my store at Teachers Pay Teachers, the October Follower Freebie has been sent and is now in your inbox at TPT:

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Speaking of the November Follower Freebie...

Here's a tiny peek at it:

Yes, I know it's a tiny picture, and clicking on it won't help, but I'll show a bigger picture later!  It'll be something fun!

Don't forget to check out the product and freebie pages on my blog!  You might find something useful :)

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