Gingerbread Activities for Sight Words!

Monday, December 8, 2014
Each year I LOVE reading all of the different gingerbread books:

And of course,

We read the books, compare and contrast the books, etc..... 

I decided to whip up some word work/literacy centers to use when reading the books:

There are 74 pages of sight word work all for only $3.00!!!!

The first is:  Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!  This is a fun sight words game with all 220 Dolch Sight Words.  Use some of the words or all of the words, the words are leveled, so you can match the level  with your students' needs.

The next activity is "Gingerbread Hunt".  Try to catch the gingerbread boys and girls!  This is a Read and Write the Room activity.  There are 90 sight word cards to choose from, they are leveled into 5 levels (Pre-primer - Third Grade).  There are 18 cards in each level (the most frequent sight words for each level are used).  Hide the cards around the room and the students will go on a gingerbread hunt.  When the find a card, they will read the word and then write the word on the answer sheet.  There are two answer sheets included:  one to use with 10 words (if you only want to hide 10 words) and one to use with 18 words (if you want a longer activity).  I usually assign an extension activity for my fast workers/advanced group - it could be to pick 5 sight words from your answer sheet and write a sentence with each word on the back of the paper, write the words in ABC order, write each sight word 3x each, etc.....

The third activity is a Gingerbread House "Find the Hidden Sight Words" activity.  There are three sheets with different levels of sight words.  Choose the sheet that works best for your class or individual students (differentiation is a BIG thing at our school!).  Use a magnifying glass or hand lens to search the picture for tiny hidden sight words and write the word next to it's corresponding number on the right.  This is another activity where I might assign a follow-up activity (pick 5 words and write a sentence on the back, etc....).  They can also color the gingerbread house when they finish!  There are answer keys included for each level, so students can check their own work.

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  1. I LOVE this set! I almost bought it--even had it in my TPT cart--but I just don't have time to squeeze it in this year. :-( It's a cute and useful set for a great price. (Just wanted to let you know.) Keep the good stuff coming!