A Little Christmas Gift From Me to You :) Hand "SANTA-tizer" Bottle Wraps

Thursday, December 4, 2014
I've gotten my Christmas Tree, been shopping til I drop, and I'm getting into the holiday spirit!           I have a fun little printable that I wanted to share, a little Christmas gift from me to you :)  
I bought 10 oz bottles of hand sanitizer from the dollar store for this project.  I have included pages in this download for you to print and make one bottle (one wrap and one tag on a page), several bottles (multiple wraps and tags per page) and a page that has the wrap in blackline only, I thought this might be a fun option to include so that a child could color the wrap (instead of printing in color). 

This is a great (inexpensive) gift idea for parents, colleagues, friends, etc....  I like to give little gifts from my class to important people at school (administrators, support staff, school nurse, custodians, other teachers, etc..).   My students LOVE it when we go to hand out our gifts to their recipients!!!  This could also be a fun gift for students to take home as a gift to their parents.

This is SO easy to make!  Just print it, cut it out, and wrap it around the bottle.  I secured the back with a piece of tape.  Then just add the tag with a piece of string or yarn.  You can add a message (To & From) on the back of the tag.  

Easy Peasy!  

Just click on any of the pictures to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and download this freebie.

Merry Christmas!

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