Classroom Decorating - Crafts and New Finds :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I've been having fun with my Silhouette making some school crafts this morning.  Thought I'd post a few :)  I used vinyl on all of these (cut the vinyl on my Silhouette).  I found these buckets at Walmart the other day in their school supply section (yes, the stores are getting ready now!).    Loved the chevron pattern and colors. 

I got two buckets and designed and cut the labels below to fancy them up for pencils.  I've always had two buckets for sharp and broken pencils, but these are much cuter :)

 This tub was a Target find.  I have a red one just like it in my classroom by my desk to hold my read-aloud books. It was  a plain aqua tub that matched the color scheme in my classroom library (aqua, lime green and navy).  (I also got a set of chairs and little table to match - see below).  My class theme is robots so I cut a robot and the word "read" in vinyl to put on it and will put this on the floor in the class library to put books in.

This is the little table and I got two of the chairs below (from Target) to go in my class library area.
Bistro Table Stars Color TBD

Sling Stack Sneaky Blue

and last of all, I found this sign at Hobby Lobby that I HAD to get from my class:

Yep, DFTBA!!!!


  1. I am in transition changing my room from a zillion colors to lime green and electric blue. So I LOVE what you bought-how much did you spend? Husband has me on a strict budget this summer. I heard Wal-Mart had kid adironack chairs for $5 but I haven't checked for myself.

  2. I think you read bucket is super cute!

    room 4 imagination

  3. Lovely ideas! This past summer I went out a bought a ton of new school furniture for the classroom and was wondering if you had any tips on how to spruce it up? Maybe make it an activity for the kids? I am open to suggestions!