Sunday, June 17, 2012

Roll and Read *Freebie*

Don't want to be an enabler, but Oriental Trading Company is having free shipping right now for any order (no minimums!).  This is only through June 18th and you need to use code:  WCE3283.  I got a few things for my class.  Of course I didn't need anything, but got some cheap stuff I would use:

12/3736 100TH DAY CHARACTER STICKERS 1$0.79$0.79
9/1138 100TH DAY STICKER COUNTING SHEETS 2$1.49$2.98
24/2246 ALPHABET SHAPED FUN BANDS 1$0.99$0.99
24/2347 SCHOOL FUN BANDS 1$0.79$0.79
24/2135 100TH DAY PLASTIC RINGS 1$0.99$0.99
48/9037 DYO PAPER PUMPKIN CUTOUTS 1$0.99$0.99

I already have some of the Alphabet silly bands - you can use these in a word work center to spell out spelling words or sight words, put in ABC order, etc....  Since they were 50 for $1.00, thought I'd get more!

Recently I bought these jumbo dice from OTC (I actually ordered them through Amazon via OTC):

I got them for Math centers but made a sight word activity this morning to use with them:

This uses all 220 Dolch words for First Grade.  We have 5 different lists that are color-coded that we use on our team (click here to get them- they are two to a page to save paper).  I made a Roll and Read sheet to go with each list.  I have the list numbers in color at the bottom corner of the pages (very small).  List 1 is the easiest and it goes up to 5 (the hardest).  Two students will do this together.  One student will get a die and roll it.  If he lands on 3, he will go to the column that has the 3 and read a word from the list.  I will have these in dry erase sleeves so they will use a dry erase marker to mark off the word they read.  Then the next student will roll the die and read a word from her column, etc....

Click on the photo above to download this activity if you'd like (or you can click here to get it).  Back to the dice.....Amazon has them here for $6.53 and OTC has them here for $7.25 with free shipping through Monday.

Also, here is a post from a while back with a PowerPoint and recording list for the same sets of sight words:  Sight Words PowerPoint

Have a GREAT week!


  1. I love your roll and read freebie! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. My firsties will love practicing their words this way!
    P.S. I recently found those large dice (a 2 pack)at the dollar store. I appreciate the info on OT. i might have to place an order tonight! :)

  2. Thanks for this!!!!! can't wait to use this in my classroom!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Dollar Tree also has jumbo dice. Lately, they have had cool eraser dice too. :)