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Sunday, January 10, 2016

I've fallen in love with my planner :)  A while back I started seeing all the cute, trendy planners out there on Pinterest and Instagram and got obsessed.  I searched for the best planner...Erin Condren, Plum Paper, The Happy Planner, Filofax, etc....  I decided on MAMBI's Happy Planner and I love it.

You might look at my photo and think that's not very functional - any you'd be right.  I use my iPhone to keep me on track with where to be, what I need, what to do, etc..., but my planner....I guess you can say it's my journal - my crafty, fun, total expression of me journal.  I have been decorating it and writing down things that happened that day, things I am thinking that week, things I like or don't like. Just memories and a record of what's going on.  I've been keeping lists and just... whatever.

Since I've been obsessing on this planner, I've started making printable planner stickers and embellishments to go in it.  I've been posting them in my Etsy shop and it seems other folks are liking them too :)  Below are a few of the "Printable Planner Stickers" I've currently got listed.  I have two versions of each set - one of fit The Happy Planner by MAMBI/Create 365 (the planner I have) and another version to fit Erin Condren, Plum Paper, and other planners because the boxes/dimensions are a bit different between them.

Click on the pictures to see more....

I've got some "Lilly" inspired sets too....

 These are "printable" stickers that come in the form of an instant download.  They can be printed on regular copy paper, sticker paper (or full sheet label paper), cardstock, etc.  If printing on regular (non-sticky paper), you can use glue, other adhesives, washi tape, or xyron to adhere the stickers.  Some of the smaller images and icons can be cut with a circle cutter or punch.  Make sure your printer is set to print at "actual size" so the dimensions of the stickers will be correct.  The images can be cut out with scissors, a paper cutter, or xacto knife.  I have kept most of the lines straight for the easiest way to cut.  I have also included a "punch page" to use with your favorite punches or used to create other embellishments of your choice.  

You may see a few more Planner posts in the future.... stay tuned :)

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