New Things and Raffle Reminder!

Monday, June 22, 2015
I've got a few new things in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers:

The first is a GREAT Back to School activity that goes with the book "The Crayon Box that Talked".  You can actually use it with or without the book, but the book just sets the tone and it's an awesome book about getting along with others - perfect for the beginning of a new school year!

This activity includes a crayon box printable that says:

We are like a box of crayons,
Each one of us is UNIQUE,
And when we get together,
Our classroom is complete!

Each student will get a black and white crayon and will color it, add their name and a picture of themselves.  The crayons and crayon box printable make a display for the classroom (or door, or hallway, etc....).

 Next, I have a fun literacy center activity called CVC Spelling Scramble.  Students will unscramble the three letters to make the CVC picture that is shown on the card.  

Click on the picture for more info!

Another center activity - and this one is only $1.  On The Road Alphabet Tracers.  Use one of the vehicle cards and "drive"on the upper and lowercase letters to trace them!

Don't forget to enter the raffle for my first summer giveaway!  There are 5 days left!!!  Click on the picture below to go to the raffle.

And....coming in July - Summer Giveaway #2

Have a GREAT Week!!!

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