Crack The Code! Working with Initial (Beginning) Sounds AND Sight Words!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Crack The Code:  Use Initial Sounds To Crack The Code!
Each kit contains a card for each sight word in that level.  
Students will use letter tiles (included) to find the beginning sound of each picture.  They will place the correct letter under the picture.  When all letters are placed, it will spell a sight word!
Click on the pictures below to see the kits:

Includes all 40 Pre-Primer Words

Includes all 52 Primer Words

Includes all 41 First Grade Words

Includes all 46 Second Grade Words

Includes all 41 Third Grade Words

Save 50% when you purchase all 5 sets in a BUNDLE!!!!
Includes all 220 Dolch Sight Words

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