End of Year Treats :) Bookworms Freebie and Tutorial

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saw this on Pinterest....

and thought it was the cutest idea to include with my End of Year gifts to my students.  

I came up with this:

Bag Toppers are pretty simple to make, but I have a few tricks to make it easier.  If you'd like a copy of the toppers I made, click on the printable below to download the PDF:

(Click on photo to print)

These are made to fit snack-sized baggies that are 6.5" wide.  

This is important - if your print straight from the Google Docs link above, deselect the "Fit to Page" button!  Make sure this button is not selected or the toppers will print too small for the baggies.

If you downloaded the link and saved it, make sure you have the "Actual Size" button selected to print when printing the PDF.  (Sometimes it automatically changes to "Shrink Oversized Pages" and you don't want it to do that or it won't fit the baggie).

After printing, I like to score the fold lines prior to cutting.  This is optional and just makes them easier to fold.  I have a scoring board at home, but if you do not, you can use a ruler, something with a dull edge like a craft stick and a soft area to put the paper on - like a mouse pad or a piece of foam, as shown below.  

Next cut out the toppers on the green solid line.  Then you'll just need some gummy worms to put in the baggies.  Attach the toppers to the baggie with a few staples and your all set!  

Make sure to check out my Summer Reading printable on Teachers Pay Teachers to hand out with the Bookworm treats.  Use this to encourage your students to READ this Summer!

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