Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pete the Cat Pack Freebie

Edited 0n 7/2012 to add that TPT had to remove all of their "Pete" items due to a "Cease & Desist notification for all items that use the Pete the Cat name and images, including free items."   :(

We just finished literacy week and each class had to participate in a poster contest for their favorite author. My class is so in love with Pete the Cat so Eric Litwin was an obvious choice! As part of the poster, we made a class book that was attached to the poster. We decided to make a book about adjectives to describe the different colors of shoes. I've posted this as a free download on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can use this download to make the poster or the class book.

and MORE!

This free download contains:

1. Pete the Cat's Awesome Adjectives book cover.

2. A list of adjectives/colors. This list was the result of a class activity so you may want to develop your own. We discussed color words and looked for adjectives as a class. I then made this list and cut them out so each child could pick one out of a bucket. They used this slip of paper to fill out the next page. (The list does NOT go in the book.)

3. Student page - each child fills in the adjective and color word and colors the shoes at the bottom of the page to match. Print one page per student.

4. Last page/inside of back cover.

5. This is the picture of Eric Litwin I used on my author poster.

6 & 7. Shoes - Students colored the smaller shoes to use around the border of the poster. The larger shoes are extra.

8. Contents and directions.

9. A photo of our author poster.