Vistaprint Goodies

Thursday, July 26, 2012
I just placed a big order with Vistaprint and I can't wait to get it!  I also have a special promotion to share where YOU can get up to 80% off plus an extra $5.00 off your order if you click here:

Let me show you what I got:

 These were invitations/flat notecards but I changed the wording.  I will send these home with the kiddos that learn all of their sight words.  By the way, these were free.


 Stickers - I put these inside their BEE Books that go home everyday so parents will always know where to find the website address.

 Notepad - We are the Gators (that's our school mascot) so I flipped when I saw this design!

 Sticky notes

 A pen (the bottom shows what the message on the pen looks like)

 These are Return Address Labels - these are very cheap and you get like 140 of them!

 Flat Notecards (more Gators!!!)

Notepad - Just thought this was so cute!

Stickers - Just to label stuff with :)
More flat notecards - love this design!
Check out this cute totebag!!!
The following items were free:
 Rubber Stamp
 8.5x11 Magnet

 Business Cards - I distorted some private info :) 
The fine print :)
Watch out for shipping!  After you add items, go to your cart and click on checkout to see what the shipping charges are - they can get high.  After you click on check-out you can go back to what you were doing, you don't have to check-out then....that's just a good way of checking the shipping charges.   You may also get free shipping if you order a certain amount, so look out for that.  I got all of my items (plus more stuff for my daughter that I didn't show here) for $45 (including shipping).  I feel like it was a steal for all of the personalized goodies (and I got multiples of several items, like 3 sets of the sticky notes, 2 sets of the notepads, 2 sets of stickers, etc.....). 
Here's the code to the discount again: 
If you have any great Vistaprint ideas for school stuff, let me know!


  1. Cute ideas--thanks for sharing! I just used the VistaPrint Groupon deal they had ($17.00 for $70.00 value) and ordered several personalized rubber stamps, postcards, and even a hat! :-)

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I just ordered the cutest bee post its and they were free! Can't pass that up!
    The Hive