End of Year Teacher Gifts

Sunday, May 27, 2012
The countdown is on!  7 days left for us!!!  I went to the mall yesterday looking for teacher gifts and found a few fun things.  I looked around without much success, because I didn't have anything in mind, so I headed to the old standby....Bath & Body Works.  Here are a few things I put together (more info below):

I needed some small gifts for helpers that have come into my room this year to work with some of the kids and found these cute clip-on air fresheners:
They had the birds in blue too.  I got several of each color and packed them up with a card that said:  Thank you for being so "tweet"! 

I also saw these and thought they would be cute with a card saying "Your one in a "mellon".

Or this... with a card saying "I couldn't have "picked" a better teacher (or friend, or co-worker, etc...)

Or this one, with something like "Have a great summer!".

After that I got apple antibacterial soap for my daughter's teachers.  Her school is very heavy in Fine Arts and for electives she takes drama, chorale, dance, art, Life Skills, Structures (building structures), French, Kinder Coach (they work with the Kindergarten classes), Library and honestly, I am probably forgetting something.  This is in addition to her regular courses!  Anyway, the point being, she has a LOT of teachers and I do not have a lot of money so this worked out for all of those "extra" teacher gifts.  I had a coupon for $10 off and got 10 bottles of apple soap for $25.00.  Bath & Body Works had cello bags that they gave me to put the soap in and I went to Michaels to get ribbon to tie the bags up.  I printed some clear labels that said "Thanks for being a great teacher!" with an apple on them and stuck those to the bottom of the bag.  (You can see one of the finished bags in the photo at the beginning of this post.) 

I also stopped at Michaels and got some stationery sets for some of her other teachers.  They had matching notebooks, notepads, pens and sticky note sets plus bags that matched:

Passion Flower Scentportable® - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body WorksPassion Flower Scentportable® - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works
I am still thinking of gifts for the girls on my team....any ideas????


  1. OMG! What a cute idea!!! Totally going to use it when we get back to school for my team members!

    Check out my new blog- I am having a $25 Target gift card giveaway: http://everynewbeginningblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/25-target-gift-card-giveaway.html

  2. The clip ons were B&BW as well? How darling!

  3. I love these ideas, they are super cute! One team gift idea might be to give them a celebrity gossip magazine, a small container of sunscreen, and a towel or insulated mug they can use when they go to the beach or pool. They might be reminded to spend some down time just relaxing!

    Primarily Speaking