Sunday, November 13, 2011

A couple of quick Thanksgiving Center Freebies

I just whipped up a few super easy Word Work center activities for Thanksgiving.  The first one is a Thanksgiving version of Read, Write, Stamp and Draw.  (The students read the word, write the word by tracing the letters, stamp the word with rubber stamps and draw a picture that represents that word).  Click on the image to download.

For the next one you'll just need crayons and sentence strips.  Each student gets the letters to spell "Thanksgiving".  They color the letters, mix them up and then paste them back in order on a sentence strip.  There are two pages to this download - Thanks and giving.  Click on photo below to download.

 Tried to post a photo but I can't seem to rotate it - guess you'll just have to rotate your head instead :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

iPad Spelling Freebie

So much Pinterest little time!   I found this fun idea from
Traci at Dragonflies in First for iphone spelling and LOVED IT! 
Pinned Image

The students write their spelling words in the fields at the top of the "phone" and then "text" them.
These were made three to a page so I printed & laminated them and then started thinking that I sure would love to have them bigger like an iPad so the keys would be bigger and they could write all 10 words at the top.  I have an iPad that I use a lot in class so my students are familiar with it, although none of my students own one.  So, the wheels started turning and I spent some time this morning coming up with this:

It really turned out to be more of an iPhone/iPad hybrid but my kiddos will never know!  Now they can practice all 10 words and have more space.  If you want it, just click on the photo to download it!