CINDERELLA is HERE! Introducing Three New Sight Word Games and more new SIGHT WORD resources!

Saturday, March 7, 2015
I've just added three new sight word games to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers!  I'm so excited about the new Cinderella movie coming out, so I couldn't wait to make this first kit!  Click on the pictures or click here to see more about this Cinderella Sight Words Game!

I also have two new sports-themed sight word games!  Soccer and Basketball.  Click on the pictures to check those out too!!!


Another fun literacy center/word work idea is Laptop Sight Words:

This is a fun, file folder activity,  Just print the laptop "monitor" and "keyboard" and adhere to them to the inside of a file folder.  I also printed the directions and put them on the front of the folder.  Once you've done that, just laminate the whole folder.  There are additional "screen" pages that you will print with all 220 sight words.  I used Velcro on the "screens" to adhere them to the "monitor".  Students will choose a sight words screen and stick it to monitor, they will then TYPE the words on the keyboard and then write them on the space below the keyboard.  Since the folder is laminated, you can use a dry erase maker to write the words and then wipe them off.  

More Sight Word Resources (!) that were recently added to my store are:

These are available in a BUNDLE (which saves a TON of $) or separate kits for Pre-Primer, Primer, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade sight words.  These not only provide sight word practice for each sight word by reading the word, tracing the word, writing the word, coloring the word and then reading the word in a sentence, BUT, they words are made into little booklets, that students will keep and continue using to practice reading the words and sentences.

 Whew..... a lot of new stuff, and I didn't even mention these:

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