Back to School Gifts for Teacher Friends

Monday, August 12, 2013
Today was our first day back (for teachers - students come back next Monday).  I made a little "Back To School" gift for the teachers on my team. Found these cute bags with matching notepads/pens and daily reminders/things to do pad at Michaels.  I used my Silhouette to spruce the bags up a bit with a monogram.  Wish I could give them all much more - they mean the world to me!

I also put up my Scientific Method Posters.  I made a ribbon banner (?) - ribbon sign (?)....not sure what to call it!  Here's a photo:

I have this kit up on TPT for only ONE DOLLAR and it includes the smaller posters - 1/2 sheet (like I used to make this) and the full size - whole sheet posters.  It also includes activities!  

My class is coming together!  I'll post some photos soon :)


  1. Those are such cute bags! Anyone would be lucky to be on your team!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. Did you find those bags at Michaels!? They turned out super cute!

    1. I did! I meant to put that in my post.....I'll go edit it!

  3. Those bags are adorable! Love the signs too! I don't teach Science, but I am definitely going to tell my teaching partner about them!